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Hey all!! How you doin??

Sorry I haven't been very prolific on DA, I'm finding it hard to concentrate on art when I have exciting/stressful school stuff to sort out. However I am much more active on my Tumblr :)

It seems like a lot of DA artists have moved over there... do you think it's a better site? has DA lost its magic? what do you think?

Miss you guys! D:

P.S does anyone in Toronto need a roomie in the fall? :XD:

Have a good one~ :salute:
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Hey All!

I got accepted to OCAD in Toronto :D I'm finally going to art school!

I have to get a job/place to live/student loan, all of which I am quite nervous about. Did any of you experience the same thing? Any tips you can give me? D:

Hope you guys are doing well :) I was thinking of starting a collaboration project with a bunch of artists, to make a positivity book, to help other people through tough times. (it could have inspirational quotes, personal stories from different people about a goal that worked out, a good deed they witnessed or did...etc.) What do you think?

This is gonna be the best summer, I am gonna try to re-discover my province before I leave, and appreciate it for how vibrant and beautiful it really is! ANY SUMMER PLANS? GUYS?

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Hey Darlings

Sorry for the lack of updates, my art-trigger feels blocked lately. but I love yo faces and your comments make me smile :D

How is your new year going? :)

my Tumblr:

my Etsy:
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Hey all!

I don't know where all the comments went on my last journal, is anyone else experiencing disappearing comments on DA?

Thanks for your input guys. :) I'm gradually coming out of this deep art funk!

Anyhow it's almost Christmas! (or whatever you celebrate at this time.)

We have not had any snow yet *knock on wood*

What's your favorite thing to do during the holidays? what do you think Christmas is all about? any favorite Christmas movies?

Peace oot :hug:
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These days I draw because I feel like I SHOULD be drawing, and I'm not enjoying it as much as I used to :( the more I tell myself I should draw more, and draw better, the less I want to draw and the less inspired I feel. I'm trying to become more professional and disciplined, but it's sucking away my passion for art.

Completing a nice ink drawing has always given me a unique feeling of accomplishment, but I always just drew for fun. I miss that.

It could be the stresses of moving away and trying to get enough money to do so, that is distracting me and making me want to draw less.

Have you ever lost your passion? what did you do to find it again?

should I just stop drawing for a while until the genuine urge to draw comes back?

Thanks guys! you mean the world to me :hug:
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Thank you guys for the birthday wishes, you honestly brightened my day right up. :tears: <3 <3 <3

YEP!!! 22 years old now! I think this year will bring the most 'change'! The past few months I have been more motivated than ever, to work for my dream and actually get stuff done, instead of sitting around and just complaining about not having what I want. :|


Does anybody actually feel like they are where they wanna be in life? how did you get there? was there a point where you kinda went 'okay, this is it, I'm where I wanna be.' or is it an ILLUSION? will we constantly struggle forever?!

quarter-life crisis FTW!

love you guys, for reals, all my watchers and art-pals, and people who said happy birthday, you didn't have to, but you did, cause you're all PUDDINS! :love:

aww shit I got pillsbury cookies in the fridge, I'm gonna make those!

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link some funny youtube videos!! : D

here's mine:…

ILU guys!!!! :hug::tears::D
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I would appreciate some advice!

I'm moving to Toronto in a few months to start anew, get a job and hopefully go to OCAD, but this time I'd like to be really prepared. >_<

Is is super hard to find a place to live? (I wouldn't mind sharing with roommates.) Is there any way to secure a job before actually arriving? (in the food service or retail industry) Are there any places in Toronto to escape the hustle and bustle of the city?

Any advice would be appreciated! Or any success stories from anyone who had moved to a new place and made it big :XD: or... what NOT to do? :O

Thanks so much guys!

p.s prints and originals are still available in my etsy shop!

have a nice day! :blowkiss:
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the first 14 commentators will get a lil' spot in this journal with 3 of my favorite pics they did~ but in return they have to do the same in their journal, with myself at the top for a total of 15!

(pilfered this from :iconcolorpulp: ) I also have no subscription so I can't do thumbnails V_V

1. :iconcolorpulp:…… and…

2. :iconblackstone:…… and…

3. :iconjaedsc:… and

4. :iconsecv: and

5. :iconpresur:… and…

6. :iconlingering-lunacy:…… and

7. :iconlast-love-lost:…… and…

8. :iconelleoser:…… and

9. :iconescape-the-kate:…… and…

10. :iconjdagonzalez:…… and…

11. :iconsugar-icecream:…… and…

12. :iconraysofsummer:…… and…

13. :iconindigohippie:… and…

14. :iconsomewhatrounded:…… and…

15. :iconillzie:…… and…

love ya guys! :D :blowkiss:
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I don't want to sell many more originals. :(

that said, I finally got some prints made!

Have a look if you like~

How are you? :)
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Tell me about someone you hate (or a pet peeve) and someone you love. I LOVE GOSSIP! :D
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Hey all!

:iconmonavx: recently submitted an amazing entry for a footlocker contest with a hefty prize D:… please click 'appreciate' and like it on facebook! he deserves your support!

Love you guys!  :blowkiss:
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While in Australia I was invited to work on this music video alongside :iconmonavx:, CHECK IT OUT~~~…

and here it is on Vimeo:

'Holland' were really sweet guys and they deserve your love!

also, here is the 'behind the scenes' clip:…

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It's just for very simple doodles and comics. (and stuff that is too saucy for DA)

Thanks for the encouragement on my previous journal everyone :sniff:

How are you guys doin'? :D
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Hey all,

Sorry about the lack of updates and art!

My Australia plan didn't work out, I couldn't get a job. I tried, I really did.

Now I'm back in Canada, and just feel... lost. I don't know what makes me happy anymore, I don't get any joy out of drawing like I used to, because I only make art when I am relaxed and content. But  making no art means I feel useless, because I'm not producing anything!

Now I have to work for 6 months to get enough money to go back to Australia and try again, but I don't want to be miserable the entire time! There is also a fear that when I do go back, it won't work out AGAIN.

I think saying 'I'll only be happy WHEN ______________ happens' is totally lame.

Have you ever been devastated by plans not working out? Where did you go from there?

Is it impossible to enjoy the present if you're completely focused on the future?

Sorry for the mope-fest!

Thanks so much if you've commented or fav'd! :tears::heart:
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can I get your two-cents?

I have never had to force myself to be prolific with art or force myself to draw, it was always just something I really enjoyed and something I did in my free time! But I recently decided that I wanna sell more art and make little comics and zines and stuff, and maybe have an etsy shop. (and also get way better than I am now)

However, when I sit down and say 'okay I have to draw something good and worth selling!' I put loads of pressure on myself and the project becomes a stressful ordeal and I quickly give up or lose interest! I never wanted art to be a 'job' because I knew it would suck the fun out of it... but if I wanna make comics or books I have to be more disciplined!

Should art always be fun? or should you be able to force yourself to draw in order to get something done?
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Hi guys!

I feel kinda bad because it seems like all my journals are about selling stuff. I dont want you guys to think I'm a money-grubbing ho-bag! :tears: I don't have much else to say though!

Happy Holidays!

do you think Christmas has any legit values anymore? is it just a money making affair? do you still get in the 'Christmas spirit'?

I know it sounds cheesy but I feel like Christmas has lost its magic in the past 10 years or so... even for the young kids, but I could be wrong. (kids shows have really gone downhill too)

Favorite Christmas specials? *_* home alone springs to mind... (also 'the bears who saved Christmas') so good!

if anyone bought art and didn't get it, or thinks I forgot about them please let me know! once in a while someone will say they want a piece but then just not pay me, so I just figure they changed their mind, no biggie.

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For people who paid me with paypal, all of your art has been sent off (except for 2, which will be  mailed on Monday) still waiting on a few money orders! Before I have my next big art sale, I'm gonna buy all the packages beforehand so they are all ready to go. (DUH) Now I know better!^^;

The reason I'm selling so many originals (besides needing money at the moment) is because I kind of want to start fresh with my art. I've been feeling down about it lately, and am really art-rutted right now, so I figure this was a good time to sell a bunch. It's not easy selling 'em, but I would prefer selling originals to prints. (I'll look into prints when I'm much more famous) HA. I hope my bebes find good homes!

Anyhow thanks so much to everyone who bought art or considered buying. <3

Will be 21 soon! Hate aging.  GRUMP!

How are you guys? :O (ANYONE ELSE RUTTED?)
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Hey Guys~

Selling a few more originals, if one sold I'd be delighted!

- Payment must be made by cash or
money order only. You mail me the money, I mail you the art. No funny business.
- Don’t redistribute/copy/sell/or claim that you made it because that's stupid and illegal.
- Only note me if you're serious about buying.
- Shipping is included in the price.

Ache and Abominate Ache and Abominate by moosekleenex 9 by 12 inches, ink - 40$

Wary Cerebral Percussion 9 by 12 inches, ink - 55$ sold

My Head Drips and Dries 4 1/2 by 9 inches, watercolor - 45$ sold

You won't listen You won't listen by moosekleenex about 8 1/2 by 8 1/2 inches, watercolor - 35$

Wind Asphyxia Wind Asphyxia by moosekleenex 8 1/2 by 12 inches, ink/watercolor - 40$

Sapling Skewer, about 7 by 10 inches, sharpie/watercolor - 40$ sold

Womb Womb by moosekleenex about 7 by 9 1/2, sharpie - 40$

Dapper Dogs, about 10 by 10 inches, watercolor - 55$ sold


15 x Thirteen Artbook ~

COLORS Charity Artbook ~…

Also, the 'Broken Spell' card deck

Thankyou thankyou! have a good weekend! :blowkiss:
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Hey guys!

What should I draw? What do you like to see from me? I feel like I repeat myself alot, and I don't wanna be one of those artists who just gets in a habit of drawing the same picture over and over. I don't wanna be boring to watch.

Any suggestions? What did you guys do that helped you grow as artists? I don't want compliments, just honesty and tips!!

Originals are still for sale in my previous journal, and if you want to buy a certain piece don't be shy about asking if it's for sale.

Also still available:

15 x Thirteen Artbook ~

COLORS Charity Artbook ~…

Also, the 'Broken Spell' card deck is finally for sale!

Check it oot!

Have a good weekend 'bys :)